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Slowly - Bled, Slovenia (by Tomasz Misiukiewicz)

College (James W. Horne, 1927)

Appropriate for this morning….

TURKEY, Suruc : A Syrian Kurdish woman wait with her daughter near the Syria border at the southeastern town of Suruc in the Sanliurfa province after crossing the border between Syria and Turkey after several mortars hit both sides on October 2, 2014. Islamic State fighters are pushing towards a key Kurdish town on Syria’s border with Turkey, whose parliament is set on October 2 to consider authorising military intervention against the jihadists on its doorstep. Kurdish fighters backed by US-led air strikes were locked in fierce fighting Wednesday to prevent the besieged border town of Ain al-Arab from falling to the Islamic State group fighters. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC

Masks, c. 1940s (via)

The umbrella only stops the rain, not the storm. 
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